LG 55SM5KD-B SM5KD Series - 55" LED-skärm

LG 55SM5KD-B SM5KD Series - 55" LED-skärm 55SM5KD-B
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9 i lager
  • Portrait & landscape mode
  • Enhanced connectivity
  • Detachable logo
  • Dust & humidity protection
PBP (Picture-By-Picture) and PIP (Picture-In-Picture) features enable you to compose various layouts for several digital devices. When using the signage in portrait mode, GUI taliored to portrait mode is provided without affecting images' original ratio and resolution. Through its diverse interface, the signage lets you connect more than one device for optimal use. The detachable logo allows for installation in the desired orientation: landscape or portrait mode. Circuit board reliability is enhanced with conformal coating that protects against dust, iron powder, humidity and other harsh conditions.


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